Vive la France!

Last week I’ve travelled to Normandy, France with 3 other friends to visit a friend that was working there at a campsite. We rented a car to make an 11-hour drive to get there, everything went pretty well and we really had a happy moment when crossing the Pont de Normandy, Tomorrowland music was playing on the radio so we had a great party in the car!

We were able to stay in the mobile home of my friend, which was pretty nice because the weather wasn’t too good for the first 2 days. I loved my time there, cause it was an ideal place to relax and not worry about the things back home (no good Wi-Fi too). It was a holiday where we kind of acted like old people cause what we mostly did was reading, walking, visiting cute towns, taking naps and we even played bingo! But what I most enjoyed is was that it reminded me of the amazing holidays I’ve had with my parents and brother while growing up…

My parents are both teachers and therefore have a summer holiday of 6 weeks. They owned an old camper where we travelled around in Europe those entire 6 weeks every year. It’s now that you get older that you realise how carefree life was back then (at least for me and my brother). The only things you had to think about was what game to play next and what time you would meet your friends at the camping site. Happy memories of playing in the river, building tents, table tennis, badminton (my sport!) and pool games all came flowing back into my mind. When sitting at a campfire one evening I had to think about the summer loves I’ve had, sometimes I wish I could re-live all that. But hey, I’m sounding even more like a granny now, thinking back on the past thinking that life was better then! Not what I’m trying to say with this post, I’m just showing my appreciation of the good times I had with my family (and still have of course!). It was a great holiday and I know for certain that I want to go camping much more in the coming years!

One eve we had a very special moment, we went up the hill right where the picture above was also taken. The spot was very close to the camping site and gives an amazing view over the coastline and the sunset above the sea. Very romantic spot, even though we were there with 5 single ladies ;-) That evening we were drinking some wine and enjoying the scenery when I spotted a group of dolphins in the sea! It was all so magical and it was one of those moments when you feel truly happy!

All in all, a lovely holiday that charged me up to continue with my internship! This song is one of the songs that was played on the radio quite often, it always cheered us up (even though we don’t know the meaning haha) and will always remind me of this holiday!


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