My top 10 cities to visit in Europe: Hidden treasures

Today at work we were talking about citytrips in Europe that might be nice to make. Ofcourse we all know the common cities that are great to visit like Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam. However, there are many beautiful cities out there which are relatively undiscovered. I travelled quite a lot through Europe and have come to see many amazing places, however there are still plenty on my bucketlist. So here I will share with you a top 10 of citytrips that I can recommend you to make when visiting Europe (some of which I have already visited and some that I still really want to).

1.Fira, Greece

thiraAs I’m a complete Greece-lover, I had to put a city in Greece on the first place. Ofcourse Fira isn’t a city for a regular citytrip, because the city is a lot smaller than all the other ones. However, this is a city that has really stole my heart. Fira is located on the island of Santorini, which is completely made of vulcanic stone. The picturesque white houses with blue details are incredibly beautiful and something that you won’t see anywhere else. Furthermore, you will be able to see the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen!

2. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is one of those places that is extremely high on my bucketlist, it is supposed to be a great city to visit for twentysomethings especially. It is the cultural center of the country and I hear great stories about the nightlife in the city, with cool underground places. I can’t wait to experience this city myself!

3. Valencia, Spain


I have visited Valencia with two of my very best friends last year and immediately fell in love with this city. I think it was mostly the unique combination of culture, historial city center, modern architecture, beautiful white beaches and an amazing nightlife. If you’re planning on visiting this city I can definitely recommend you to rent a bike and cycle through the Turia Park, this will lead you right to the City of Arts and Sciences, which is spectacular to see! In one of those buildings there is a club located (Mya/L’umbracle) which is a great place to dance and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. I’ll definitely come back!

4. Edinburgh, Schotland


I have never visited Schotland before, but because of my study abroad in Ireland I’ve really fallen hard for the UK. I love the feeling it gives me, something magical. I expect to find this feeling in Edinburgh as well, as I heard it’s a very beautiful city. I will definitely climb the mountain next to the city to enjoy views like the one on this picture!

5. Bruges, Belgium


Even though this city is only about 150 km away from where I live, I have never been able to visit. Maybe as a child, but I don’t remember. The belgian cities all have a great atmosphere, however Brugge is probably be the most beautiful. There are peaceful canals and countless medieval houses to see.

6. Porto, Portugal


As a child I’ve visited Porto, unfortunately I cannot remember anything from this city. So the more reason to go back there! I didn’t like Lisbon that much, and I heard that Porto is a way more beautiful city than Lisbon. Can’t wait to find out! The boats that are on the picture are Rabelo boats, they were used for centuries to transport people and goods such as wine over the river.

7. Rotterdam, The Netherlands


If you love modern architecture, Rotterdam is the place to go! Ofcourse I had to promote this city, because currently I’m living there and really enjoying it! If you expect the typical dutch houses and canals like you can find them in Amsterdam, you will be dissappointed cause they’re hard to find. Rotterdam was heavily bombed during world war II, so many of the older parts of the city went down in ashes. Come to Rotterdam to experience great views over a large city, a huge port and many modern buildings like the central station and markethall. Rotterdam keeps on developing more and more so don’t skip this city on your bucketlist!

8. Copenhagen, Denmark


If you love cute colourful houses and (even more) canals, you definitely have to visit Copenhagen. This old fishingvillage has a unique and happy appearance which make me eager to visit it!

9. Prague, Czech Republic

Romantic Snowy Prague gothic Castle, Czech Republic

Prague seems like a dazzling city with its historic buildings and many bridges. During the winter it almost looks even more spectacular, especially because of the christmas market you can find there. I’ve visited Prague when I was younger, but I don’t remember much (only the beautiful square). So I will definitely go back!

10. Verona, Italy


They say the city of love is Paris, however have you ever been to Verona? The famous play of Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare was set and this city and you can feel this story breathing through the city. Like many other italian cities, it is great to explore the streets of this city and enjoy the delicous italian kitchen. If you’re there anyway, make sure to visit the beautiful city of Padova (and ofcourse Venice) as well!

Pfff there are even so many more great places that I didn’t name yet like: Positano, Dubrovnik, Dublin, Sevilla, Reykjavik and Munich. At least there’s plenty to see still the coming years! :D Let me know what city you would love to visit or you can recommend me to visit!

P.S. the pictures aren’t mine!


6 thoughts on “My top 10 cities to visit in Europe: Hidden treasures

  1. Venerike

    Now I want to go to all these cities :p Edinburgh should be doable with a cheap flight.
    You should go to Cracow in Poland! There is some nice food you can eat. And you can visit the salt mines, Auschwitz, Zakopane.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. abitofculture

    Great list! I only had a few hours in Rotterdam but really liked the riverside – I know a lot of people hate it but I’d go back! If you like Bruges, I reckon you might like Tallinn in Estonia. Small and medieval centre with nice bars and cafés. And Belfast gets overlooked, but is worth a look for Titanic museum, pubs and political murals.


    • ellesyanna

      Hey! Thanks!! Yeah I really like Rotterdam as well, but you might have to search around for the good spots a bit!;) thanks I’ll definitely keep tallinn in mind then, I’ve never been to that part of Europe before :) and I’ve been to Belfast before, took a black cab tour, went to the Christmas market and to the titanic museum :) was a great trip indeed!:)

      Liked by 1 person

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