1000 Questions to yourself

Some time ago I received a cute small booklet with the magazine FLOW. This booklet is called: 1000 Questions to yourself. I’ve loved it ever since I got it and been answering questions myselfs, but also used it to get to know my friends better :) During evenings with a nice glass of wine, we let eachother say a number under 1000 and answer the corresponding question. There are easygoing questions, but also some questions on a more deeper level. Today, I will pick 10 random questions from this booklet and answer them for you (no I didn’t cheat in picking them!;))! So hopefully, you’ll be able to answer the question ‘Who the fuck is Elles?’ better after reading this post! ;)

368. What do you want people to say on your funeral?

DAMNNN Why couldn’t I start with an happy easy question?? Well first of all, I would hope that my funeral is still extremely far away! And then in that far future, I hope that my future children, husband and friends would say they were happy to have had me in my life and that they will miss me a lot! That they thought I was a happy and loving person, who was always there for them when they needed me. Andddd I kinda hope that I would become a rolemodel for my children like my parents are to me now: wise and always giving the best example!:) But, let’s move on to the next question fast now!

855. Are you holding on to something that you should’ve let go a long time ago?

Well, I don’t think so actually! People come and go in life and I’ve learned to accept that :)

909. What would a painting of your life look life?

I would say a painting with soft and happy colours, and a peaceful and flowy vibe to it! With maybe some influences of nature (flowers & sun) and music. I’m quite a positive person and ofcourse I also have struggles which can be portrayed in the painting as well, but they shouldnt be the focal point of attention ;)

150. Do you often have conversations in your head?

Haha that sounds kinda weird, but yes ofcourse I sometimes do. Mostly when I feel like I have to discuss something hard with someone, a conversation that I would prefer not to have. Then I think it’s good to practice a bit what you want to say. Also for job interviews this is something I do a lot, cause I’m not very good at improvising when I hard question gets fired at me. I try to think of answers to different questions beforehand as well :) Annnnd there are conversations in my head when I play back a conversation that I’ve already had and then afterwards think: ahh I should’ve said this and that!

401. What’s your favourite comfort food?

Hmmm that’s a tough one! I’m not much of a sweet tooth. As many people know: I don’t like chocolate (even though I’ve been liking it a bit better recently) and the typical ‘Ben & Jerry’s eating’ I don’t do either. I think in general I just eat more when I’m sad than when I’m not, no special food in particular. Maybe patatje joppie chips if I have to choose ;)

22. What’s your favourite part of the day?

Definitely early evening. I love to watch sunsets and I’m more productive later on the day :) But sunny afternoons are naturally great as well.


627. What meal would you like to eat every day?

Hmm another food question, it’s making me hungry haha. Well, to be realistic I would say bread haha cause I am eating that every day and I feel like I can’t function properly if I don’t have eaten any haha. But as that’s a boring answer, other foods i love are: Pita Gyros (Greek dish which I looooove), Lasagne and Kletskoppen (type of cookie)

841. Did you ever swim at night?

Yessss but never in the sea or in a lake, I find that too scary if it’s all black and you don’t know whats in there haha. I think the other times were just in a swimming pool on a holiday. With swimmingpool lights shining in the dark water, I had goggles on and it looked really creepy underwater haha. Did you have that irrational fear of sharks in swimmingpools as well? I did and it was super scary in the dark haha!

599. When was the last time I had butterflies in my stomach?

Haha that’s a pretty personal question! I will answer it vaguely haha I haven’t had the feeling of being in love for quite a long time. But some excitement butterflies where definitely there when I kissed a nice guy recently. And later thinking back of a moment like that can give me that tingly feeling again as well :) Dating is fun haha!

772. Do you consider yourself a good role model?

That’s a coincidence! In the first question I said I’d like to become one for my future children and the last question ends with I feel I am that already. I think in some ways I am and some ways I am not. In general I have had an easy and stable life, everything at school went well, I always tried to keep a positive eye on things and I luckily didn’t face much struggles. Also, I think I can read situations well and reflect on them logically and give good advice. So in that perspective I feel like I can be a good rolemodel to others. On the other side, I have a lot of learning to do still, mostly related to figuring out what I want in life and what are skills and traits that I can truly be proud of. These things mostly relate to selfconfidence; I wouldn’t say I’m super insecure, but sometimes I can be a bit hard on myself. I relativize things I’ve accomplished or personal traits and think that they’re not too special and just normal. So in that way, I’m not a rolemodel at all, cause I think a rolemodel should be more confident about themselves, knowing what they want and can do and inspire others. But I’m trying to get there! :)

Sooooo that were some questions, did you like them? Sometimes it felt a bit like a thing we would do in highschool: answering lists of silly questions of friends on their social network wall (Hyves in the Netherlands!). But still I like using this little book, it makes you think about things you normally don’t think about. Let me know if you have any other number you’d want me to answer! ;)


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