Rotterdam – What a city!

Hey there! Today I am writing about my experience with Rotterdam, the city that I live in since May and will leave in two weeks. I grew up in the northern part of the Netherlands and studied in Groningen, so it was quite a big step for me to move to the ‘Randstad’ as we call in here (The western, more populated part of the Netherlands). I decided to move here because Groningen was great as a student city, but it didn’t have much to offer jobwise. Because of this, many students move away to the bigger cities. As I also thought it would be time for a change, I started looking for jobs further away. Then I found a really nice marketing internship at a travel agency. As I’ve always loved travelling and I didn’t have any relevant working experience yet, I decided this opportunity was a good way to start my professional career!

I’m working on myself, for myself, by myself

At this moment I only have about 2 weeks left in Rotterdam, before I will start my newest adventure: moving to Utrecht! However, this adventure is still quite uncertain. The past few months were really nice for getting to know how a company runs, get more experience, learn new things and getting to know a whole new city. However, it was also the time that I had to figure out what I wanted to do further with my life, if I wanted to stay or leave and what job would suit me well. Figuring all that out, isn’t something you do overnight, it’s quite a struggle! I’m still looking for a job, even though I know better what I want. And I made the decision to move to Utrecht, cause it is central in the Netherlands and so bubbly and cozy (‘Gezellig’ as we would call it in dutch). I can’t wait to move there! However, I’m also still looking for a house (with a friend) or a room by myself. So yes, my time in Rotterdam can be described as a time of uncertainty, in terms of job, house, money, love: everything. A little quarter-life crisis, if you ask me ;)

Rotterdam memories

Before I’ll have a new start in Utrecht, I want to look back on my time here and remember and cherish all the good things that I’ve experienced here. Rotterdam is a beautiful city, where you might need to look for the cool spots, but they’re definitely there! I live in a really nice neighbourhood, which made me feel like I’m home since day one.


These are the things I loved most about Rotterdam:

  • The contrast of the modern big city buildings with the traditional houses, I found this especially great to see at the Old Port. Where there are many nice terraces full of people having drinks alongside the water.
  • Walking alongside the Maas, sitting down and enjoying the views of the impressive city and watching huge boats come by. When I step out the door of my house, I only need to walk for a little bit to see the skyscrapers and the huge river of the Maas with the Erasmus bridge. Every time someone came to visit me here, I went there :)
  • Drinking wine at my balcony by sunset.
  • Enjoying calm evenings at home, listening to my vinyl records.
  • Discovering the benefits of coffee (and even liking the taste! ;))
  • Having drinks and partying at the Biergarten, close to central station. It’s such a relaxing and fun atmosphere there!
  • Going up to the Euromast, learning about the city and enjoying the stunning views.
  • Taking the water taxi to Hotel New York and chill there alongside the river and later on with some food and drinks at the Fenix Food Halls.
  • The lights on the buildings at the Leuvehaven at night.
  • Cycling through the city between the large buildings towards the amazing Central Station building.
  • Relaxing at the Lake of Kralingen.
  • Enjoying many different nice treats in the Markethall, a place where I felt like I was abroad on a holiday.
  • Starting my blog!! :D
  • All the funny nicknames that the people of Rotterdam give to buildings, streets and other things in the city.
  • Realising living in a beautiful city like Rotterdam can be great, but would be better if you’re friends are there with you to enjoy it! (another reason for moving to Utrecht)

So to conclude, I can say Rotterdam has been good to me. I’ve felt very comfortable and welcome, because of my nice colleagues, housemates and even the people in the city! I’ve enjoyed exploring the city and experiencing a completely different life than I had in Groningen. Getting used to the working days from 9-5 and thinking a lot about my life and future. This is a city that I will definitely come back to, that’s for sure! But i’m excited about my next step in life: Utrecht! A place where I hope to build a new, steady life for myself :)


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