Fall fashion: my favourites!

Yessss It’s fall again! I love this season! While everyone is complaining about the rain and wind, I’m excited to spend my days in the colourfull forrest, get all cozy inside to watch movies and most of all: wear my fall clothes! (Ignoring the only downside of this season: all the spiders everywhere eww!). Today it was national Glamour day in Netherlands, so my aunt and mom came to Utrecht for a nice day of shopping with some nice discounts! The sun was shining and now first time after my first paycheck: I was able to treat myself to something nice :) I loved strolling around Utrecht and getting to know the city and some nice spots for a coffee, lunch and the shops ofcourse! Before going shopping I made this post of all my season’s favourites in the headerpicture. Some similar items I already own, and some I don’t yet! Let me go through the list:

This is definitely my favourite fall colour, I have two coats in this colour and just bought a shirt last week. At the moment I’m looking for nice shoes in the colour. I this colour has a classy and warm feel to it which I really love. Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to find shoes in this colour yet, so i’ll have to look a bit harder. I did find a really nice black blouse though with white stripes which goes great with a burgundy lipstick :D


English country style
A style that I love for the season is what I would call an ‘English country style‘, I don’t know if thats officially a style or if there is a different name for it but thats the feel that I get with this type of clothes: brown riding boots, rubber boots, tweed jackets, capes, hats and cozy scarfs. I think it looks very stylish and is timeless to wear :)

Sixties and Seventies
The clothing style from the sixties and seventies is quite in fashion again, Some parts I love and some I don’t like that much. I love the high waisted pants and shorts, but I wouldn’t really wear the wide legged jeans. I also quite like turtle neck sweathers, I remember the last time they were ‘in’ it was in high school, I bought a nice one and almost never wore it afterwards. Quite a shame cause its a nice top! At the moment I think its perfect to pair with a blazer or pinafore dress!

I looooove skirts, however I don’t wear mine enough (because lazy as I am, I mostly put on jeans). I prefer them above knee length, however lately you’ve been seeing them in all kinds of lengths and shapes. So you can really feel free in what type of skirt to wear! I really like leather skirts, cause you can dress them up to wear to work but also down to create a more cooler/bolder look:)

What are your fashion favourites for the season? And what do you like most about fall?:) I’m actually considering getting a new haircut for the season as well. I’m really loving the cut in the pic below, do you like it as well?:D



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