Halloween Housewarming

It’s been already more than a week ago, but I’d like to tell you about my Halloween Housewarming I held with my housemate! Halloween is quite a new concept in the Netherlands and it’s getting more and more attention! I’m someone who get’s scared quite easily, so you might think it’s not the type of holiday for me. However, when I studied abroad in Ireland, I celebrated Halloween for the first time and I really loved it! I found it so much fun to see the town (Galway where I studied) being transformed into a spooky place with halloween decorations in stores and creepy dressed up people at the 31st.

As you might know, Lisa and me moved to Utrecht 2 months ago and we still really wanted to have a housewarming for all the people that don’t live closeby. We put our agenda’s together and the date that suited us best was October 31st. YES, I was so excited, cause I’ve always wanted to organize a Halloween party myself! When the day finally arrived, about 25 people were there and we had a really great time! Halloween makes for such a cool vibe, that is quite different from all the other theme parties I’ve been to before. We also went out into the city with our outfits, which was pretty funny cause as I said before, we don’t celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands so much. Therefore, we got loads of attention in the pubs and on the street, cause people really liked our outfits! If you plan on keeping your own Halloween party one time too, you might like read about my experience =)

You really can’t get started early enough with finding ideas on decorating your house. You can go all out for a Halloween party, nothing is too crazy! As we didn’t want to spend too much money on decorating, we tried to create some decorations ourselves and also buy some things that were fun but cheap! I can really stress the importance of buying your halloween decorations already a few weeks before, then the shops already have quite a big Halloween assortment. Luckily I did buy some things well ahead, but a few days before the 31st I wanted to buy some more, but almost everything was sold out already! Probably because the shops didn’t really know how much they should stock, with this higher popularity.
List of our decorations:

  • Fake spiderwebs and fake spiders (Even though I’m super scared of spiders haha)
  • A bloody hand that we put on the mirror
  • Skeleton garland
  • Skeleton glow in the dark figures
  • A pumpkin bowl to put in chips
  • A photobooth decorations set
  • A real pumpkin with a scary face (You’ve got to have one! ;))

The decorations we created ourselves (Ideas stolen from pinterest :P):

    • Scary eyes for in the toilet, we created this by putting small lights in empty toilet paper rolls, where we cut out eye shapes. It gave a pretty cool effect!
    • We created a ghost by hanging a white balloon with a white curtain around it at a curtain rail and put a light behind it for a spooky effect.
    • We have a big white wall (painting is not hanging yet) so it was the perfect place to make a huge spider web with black wool! It’s quite fun and easy to make: Just make a cross of wool lines (tape them to the wall/floor/ceiling) and start in the middle by knotting a web form in there. Just make sure to tie a knot every time you cross a wool line, to make sure the web stays well in place :) We put a big comic spider in just for fun, which made a fun photo booth background as well!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.24.55 PM

Party outfit
Before choosing my outfit the thing I already knew I wanted to wear were creapy contact lenses. I’ve never worn lenses (don’t need glasses), and I was always quite curious what it would be like. And especially what it would look like with colored ones! As the party was already expensive enough, I decided to wear my devil costume that I wore once in Ireland as well: Red horns, a red bow-tie, a devil’s tail, red wings and a devil trident and then the best of all: Red contacts!! They were awful to put in (I feel sorry for people having to wear lenses everyday haha) but I loved the result!

Snacks & Drinks
This is of course also a quite important part of the Halloween holiday, candy and creepy snacks! Unfortunately, the halloween themed candy was already sold out by the time I thought of buying some, so we didn’t have as much as we liked. We did try to buy snacks that were orange colored like cheetos and carrots with some humous, and we decided to bake one fun halloween snack: sausages with puff pastry in shapes of mummies! For the drinks we of course had wine and beer but we also made a bowl of punch. Quite easily we bought some Coebergh (fruity dark red drink), mixed it with 7up and put it in a bowl. It looked bloody and very cool! We also wanted to put in a ice shaped hand, but were too late with that as well haha. Too many ideas, not enough time! ;)

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.29.06 PM

All in all, I think the party had a really nice spooky atmosphere and most people came dressed up as well! Definitely something that I will do again in the future some day again!:D HALLOWEEN ROCKS!


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