Review of Years & Years, album Communion: Vinyl Record & Concert

It’s already been a while ago since I visited their show, but as they have a new concert planned in the Netherlands next year, I’d like to share my thoughts on the British band Years & Years! I’ve been a fan of their music since the start, but I’ll be as objective as possible ;) I found them through youtube with the song Take Shelter and from there it started. Eager to find new songs of them, I discovered quite soon that they weren’t big yet, but in my opinion very promising! I love how different their music is, a bit mystique and futuristic with cool beats and very well written lyrics. And of course: Olly’s voice (lead singer) is amazingly beautiful! For me, Years & Years was an introduction to a new genre: Indie electronic.

I think later that year they started dropping new singles, and winning awards for being a very promising new artist. Then, in the beginning of 2015 the song King broke through and I was so happy for them, making it big! I had to wait quite some more time for their first album to get released: Communion. I knew I wanted to buy it right away on vinyl, as I just got a turntable as a graduation present (my new hobby!) I will talk to you more about this hobby later :)

The album Communion

The album was as good as I hoped, with my favorite songs being: Ties, Eyes Shut, Without & Border. Well those songs were new for me, songs I loved before that were Real & Desire. I actually like every song on this album, sounds silly but I can listen to every song any day! Friends that I showed their music also quite liked it, but found it a bit too much like a pop boyband. I can understand that as well, as its easy to sing along to the music and easy to listen to. However, I still very much like it. The only critique I can come up with is that maybe their songs all sound quite similar, the novelty of their music is decreasing. Therefore, I’m not sure if a next album would be just as good, or if it gets boring after a while. Well we’ll see by then! Right now, I still listen to their music quite often, while relaxing on the couch or when being in a happy mood to sing and dance through my room!


The concert

Before I bought their album, I knew they already performed in the Netherlands before in Groningen and I didn’t pay too much attention to stay posted on their next show. So by the time I found out they were performing in Paradiso, Amsterdam I was already too late for a ticket. Luckily, I was in time for their concert in het Klokgebouw, Eindhoven! I bought a ticket via ticketswap (yes, again too late, it was already sold out) and I thought hey I might just go to this concert alone, could be fun! However, after some thinking I preferred to take a friend with me. As they just announced a new show for the new year in the HMH, Amsterdam a lot of tickets were sold on ticketswap again, so my friend was able to buy another ticket. The first thing I noticed when arriving at the concert was: damn these kids are young, apparently I have a childish music taste ;) Later on, I luckily saw a lot more people of my age and felt more comfortable being there. The support act Saveus was not so exciting, I mean their music sounded good, the singer sang well, but the crowd wasn’t feeling it so much. But maybe that’s also because they are still quite unknown and you can’t sing along to songs you don’t know. Luckily as soon as Olly entered the stage, the crowd went crazy! (Who doesn’t love Olly, he’s so cute!) Also a cool stage scenery was revealed with a big Y in colored lights. The show was really good, the band was very good live ! I was a bit afraid he wouldn’t be, because I saw some clips of a bad live concert on youtube before. The music was very danceable, everyone sang along and I loved watching Olly move and dance to the music, he really feels the music ;) I think they played all songs of the album and even an additional surprise song: Toxic by Britney Spears, which was very cool! It lasted for about an hour, which was way too short in my opinion!

All in all, I can say I really love their music, as well as at home in my living room or dancing on it at a concert. Their next visit to the Netherlands is March 1st in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I can really advice you to go and buy tickets!! :) And if you don’t know them, you definitely should look up their music!

Love, Elles



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