2015 in review & 2016 in sight: my New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s the end of the year again, time to reflect on your accomplishments of the past year and set goals for the new year. This year has been pretty intense for me: extremely many changes with highs and lows. I will review 2015 and then share my aspirations for 2016!

2015: Personal Development

I feel like over the past year and the years before I mostly developed myself personally. In 2014 a goal of mine was to become stronger in sharing my opinion and being more confident about myself and capabilities. I definitely see improvement since then, but it will be something to keep focussing in. In 2015 I’ve got to know myself better, I tried to understand my way of functioning and thinking better. Starting my blog was one way to achieve this, to pay more conscious attention to what I’m feeling and thinking. Writing things down really helped me to see things more clear! Also a book I read was really helpful:

Human Dynamics – S. Seagal

This book gave me clear insights on how fundamentally different people are, how in society these differences may occur, and how we can understand and work with each other better. The book made me feel understood, like I wasn’t alone in some issues I faced. I recognized many things described and the book showed me that all those different types of people have different qualities and that no certain personality dynamic is better than another, we can all complement each other :) I can really recommend anyone to read this book!

For the rest, this year was pretty amazing! I graduated from University, left my student life in Groningen behind, moved to Rotterdam for an internship then got a very nice and challenging job right after that in Hilversum and moved to a great apartment in Utrecht with a friend. I’m really grateful for everything that has happened! It wasn’t all that easy, I had to work hard for my master diploma, send out quite some job applications and the hardest part for me was just thinking what kinda job would suit me ;)

2016: Intellectual Development

I’m not really the type of person who makes resolutions like: lose weight, become healthier, be conscious with money etc. because I feel like thats something you should always pay some attention to. Something that I do want to pursue next year is what I call Intellectual Development. Over the past years I feel like I’ve only been studying and learning because I had to (I also found most of it interesting of course), but now I feel like I can really learn whatever I really want to learn. I am free to read any book I like and have more time to do so. Also, I want to know more about the world around me, I’ve already improved in following the news more. But so far I always know about actualities in broad terms, I didn’t spend much time in getting deeper into things that might be worth knowing the details of (laziness I think). I think it makes you more interesting as a person If you have more knowledge on history, society etc, so yes, I’d like to expand my mind a bit for the next year! For instance by watching less ‘stupid’ tv like TLC and more informative programs and documentaries. This curiousness in the world around me doesn’t always come naturally, so I’ll have to put quite some effort in it. But I think as soon as I find things that I really find interesting it will get more smoothly :) I really want to develop my skills as well concerning work, there is still a lot to learn for me and I’m excited to get to know the IT sector better and become a real marketing expert!

So that is what 2015 has meant to me in broad terms and what my goals are for 2016. Do you have goals for the new year? Or tips that might help me out achieving my goals? I wish everyone an amazing new year with lots of love and happiness!

Love, Elles



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