Flesh and Bone, a Must-Watch Series!

Wow. What a series. Just finished Flesh and Bone and had to write a review about it! I’m quite a series lover, but haven’t started watching any new ones lately. None of the series I hear people talking about such as making a murderer, house of cards, game of thrones don’t really speak to me. However, I had seen some previews of this series and I’ve done ballet for about 12 years from when I was 3 years old. I really love watching ballet as well, the gracious movements, the wonderful music, the beautiful costumes, you can really drift away in a fairytale. Easy to say, I had to give this one a watch! Even though the ballet experience for me was really fun, playful and nice I had a sense that this series wasn’t going to be like that!  ;) Ofcourse the first thought was: probably something similar as Black Swan. A film which I quite liked but actually found a bit too scary and spooky (I’m such a crybaby I know ;)) But luckily this series wasn’t too scary, but still very dramatic. Let me first tell you what it is about (I’ll keep the spoilers to a bare minimum!)


Flesh and Bone is about a girl (Claire, played by Sarah Hay) fleeing away from her home to the big city of New York, where she tries out for the American ballet company. She gets in and is able to stay at the apartment of a girl from the ballet. The series is all about Claire having to deal with her tough past with her family. The things Claire’s brother Bryan did are definitely unforgivable, but it’s interesting to see how you build up empathy for the guy. Also the series highlights the emotional ‘terrorism’ and the dark side of ballet, this is the part that does feel similar as the movie Black Swan. Extremely hard work, eating disorders, sex, drugs, poverty: so many different themes get touched upon. It feels like the life of all the characters is the worst you can imagine (makes you feel better about your own life haha ;)). But the only thing they live for is Ballet: their passion. Luckily there’s plenty of beautiful ballet in there as well, but I think you’ll even like the series if you don’t like ballet.

So my final thoughts: this series got me from the beginning till the end. I even liked the tune and video in the beginning at the start of each series! It’s really nice how they show different story lines from different characters as well, letting you understand the reasons why they act in the way they do. The actors are professional dancers, so you’ll definitely get to watch some high quality ballet, which I really loved to see. The story is very moving and disturbing at the same time. The series feels like a long movie and every episode is great, with so many things happening! Unfortunately, there is not going to going to be a season 2, it’s only these 8 1-hour episodes. But,  I’m actually OK with that, cause I think it’s hard to top this one ;) I saw it got nominated for 3 golden globes as well, but unfortunately didn’t win. I feel the series doesn’t get as much recognition from the public as it deserves. The acting of all major characters was really convincing I thought! Watching this series really made me miss ballet, maybe I should pick it up again (at least I am way more aware of my posture again, something that ballet thought me well;)) All in all, I’ve really enjoyed this one, and it will be hard for me to find another new series that I will like this much! Do you have any recommendations? ;)

My favourite ballet video (not from the series)


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