Walking through the Dutch Countryside

With spring at our doorstep, temperatures rising and flowers starting to bloom, I’m getting super excited to get outside more! And what better way to spend your time outside is by getting into the nature! I’ve come to appreciate nature so much more over the past few years, when I was younger I never wanted to go into the woods, while now I really love it! I feel like it started when I was in Ireland, because it’s perfect to go hiking there (more on Ireland here). Luckily, there are many beautiful opportunities for walking in the Netherlands as well!

I grew up in Drenthe – where my parents still live -, it’s quite a rural area with plenty of beautiful spots to go walking. My favorite area is ‘National Park Dwingelderveld‘ which is characterized by moorland, sheep, water (fens) and many birds. As the area is quite big, it’s also perfect for cycling (mountainbiking, but also race cycling and recreational cycling as there are asphalted paths).

Last weekend I visited my parents and went walking with my mom at ‘Mantingerveld’, it’s a sandy area with a lot of juniper (berry) bushes. It’s a place I remember really well visiting when I was young: me and my brother had a lot of fun playing there. There’s a big climbing tree and many small paths that are exciting to explore as a kid! We had a really sunny and great afternoon, with a coffee break with cheesecake! See below for the pictures :)

Now that I’ve moved to Utrecht, I’m excited to explore nature here more. However, as I don’t own a car, I’m less flexible to get out the city to find nice spots. Luckily, I’m looking to buy a racing bike so I have more freedom and can escape the city when I want to! The ‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug’ is supposed to be really beautiful and my colleague recommended me to go walking at ‘Rhijnauwen’, which is quite closeby :) I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy spring!

Do you know any nice areas nearby that you can recommend for me to explore? :)


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