What family means to me

Last weekend I had a family weekend in the area of Zeewolde. It’s a yearly event with all the brothers of my grandpa and their families, so you can imagine that was a really large group of people! Every time, we come together in the first weekend of June on a camping site and spend time together playing games, sporting, enjoying the sun and most importantly: BBQ time and campfire with songs and guitar in the evening!

This year, I decided to go by bicycle my first ‘long’ drive of about 50 kilometers! It went pretty well, the weather was amazing and I cycled together with my dad for the last bit of the ride. I had a backpack on with some clothing and shoes, so that added a small difficulty factor to the ride ;)  Follow me on Strava to see where I’m going!:)


What family means to me

As you might have noticed, I refer to my family quite often in my blogposts. Not only because we have a shared history and therefore quite some shared interests, it’s mostly become they form such a huge support in my life. I mostly count on my parents and brother, but I also love to spend some time every once in a while with my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I wouldn’t really call myself a family person, I don’t always go to family birthdays and sometimes find it hard to invest time in seeing them (everyone has busy lives), but I really appreciate my closest family a lot! The greatest thing with them is that they know you your entire life and they take you as you are. They don’t mind if you’re quiet some moments, just being together is already enough!

Now that I live further away from home than before, it’s even harder to balance family and friends. As you know your family is there for you no matter what, it’s easy to not invest so much when you’re busy just enjoying life and hanging out with friends.  The only moments you are able to see them are weekends, but that’s also the moment you’d like to go out, make trips and visit friends that live further away. Lately, life has been treating me pretty well (that’s why I haven’t blogged so much lately, spending a lot of time working out and doing fun stuff outside the door) and I must make sure to keep my family involved in all the good stuff too (not only when times get rougher). Seeing them again this past weekend made me realise I want to balance it a bit better like i did before. So yes! I’ll be going home for the weekend again and hopefully even find some time to visit my grandma! (because she couldn’t make it to the family weekend)

Dear family reading this: Love you LOTS! <3




2 thoughts on “What family means to me

  1. Sheridan Johnson

    Looks like you had a great time with your family and great job cycling for that long,that’s amazing! We definitely must cherish those we love the most and I am so glad that y’all are keeping up with your yearly traditions! :)

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