Summer holiday shopping haul: Bonaire!

As the countdown on my site indicates: It’s almost time for my holiday! This Friday I will fly to Bonaire (an island of the Dutch Antilles) with my friend Lisa, whoehoeee! I’m super excited and we are looking forward to it for weeks :D It will be my second destination outside of Europe (first was New York!), so I’m really excited to see how much it will differ from what I know and to see if it is worth the higher price and long flight :)

Bonaire is a subtropical Island, so our main activities will probably be tanning & swimming ;) The island is supposed to be especially great for diving and other water-sports. However, I’m probably way too scared to try that, so I’ll just go snorkeling! ;) It’s been a long time ago since I’ve done that properly with goggles and fins, so I needed to find those in some dusty boxes in the garage. Since last week I’ve been preparing for the holiday and last weekend I went on a shopping haul in Groningen (my old student city). I’d like to share with you my favorite summer items!

  • Flamingo neck pillow! YAY, I don’t know why but I have some kind of obsession with flamingo’s lately. Mostly because I discovered we could see them in the wild in Bonaire, then I saw them in a Intratuin store in the Netherlands and then I bought a cute top with golden flamingo’s on them. Now, I went to a shop a I really like and they have so so many items with flamingo’s I really had to buy something (Yeah I understand I sound like a weirdo haha). This cushion is really soft, really great for my long flight and really gets me into the holiday mood!! The shop is worth a visit, they have really original and funny items & gadgets, perfect for gifts as well :)
  • Beach bag, filled with must-haves! Luckily, I didn’t have to buy all items to get ready for the beach, but already had the towel, sun lotion, flip-flops, sunglasses, goggles & fins. I also really love my bikini that I bought from H&M :) This weekend, I did buy some nice additional items too: the beach bag itself, transparent watershoes (for the more rocky areas alongside & in the sea), a waterproof protection case for my phone and a golden etui for my sunglasses!
    • Where: Primark, Westerhaven 44 Groningen (just opened!)
    • Website:
    • Price: Beachbag from 7 to 3 euro, wateshoes 5 euro & etui 2,50 euro
  • My last and favorite buy of all is my underwater camera/video recorder! As snorkeling  will be a main activity of our vacation, I found it essential to get an underwater camera. I didn’t want to spend so much on it (prices vary from 15 euro for a disposable camera to a couple of hundred euros for fancy digital ones), as it would be just for fun and not for professional pictures. I browsed the web a lot and read about waterproof cases for phones & cameras (but found that too risky) and decided to go to  for the cheapest digital camera I could find :) It requires a micro-SD and can make recordings in HD as well as 5 megapixel pictures. I’m super excited to try it out and will share a review and the results with you :)
    • Where: Mediamarkt, Westerhaven 48-50 Groningen
    • Website:
    • Price: 39,99 euro
    • Cameratype: Salora ProSport PSC1331HD Yellow

Cute little camera right? And don’t you like my fish Freddie!? ;)

Soooo, That’s it for now! Friday I’ll be at the other side of the world! I found some nice to do tips at Alexinwanderland‘s blog (ahh why didn’t I come up with that name?;)), so I’m excited to try some things out! I’ll definitely share my holiday experience after I get back, hopefully with a lot of beautiful (underwater) pictures :D


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