How to deal with rainy summers

Summer in the Netherlands is awful. Over the last few weeks it’s just have been rain & clouds, at night its around 10 degrees. How can people even call this summer? I personally really need to spend quite some time outside to feel happy. So not being able to do that because of the rain can make you feel a little depressed.. To make sure this doesn’t happen, I will share with you some tips to still get that summer vibe and feel good! Of course I would recommend you to book a holiday and find the sun, but as this isn’t possible for everyone, these tips are meant for people who are staying home :)

Tips for rainy summers

  • Make sure that IF the sun shines, you get outside right away. Even if it’s just for half an hour a day, you will feel better right away because :)
  • Watch summer movies, these always allow me to drift my mind away to another place, while not actually having to go there! I can recommend the following sunny RomComs:
    1. Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008, IMDB rating 7.4, set in Spain)
    2. Letters to Juliet (2010, IMDB rating 6.5, set in Italy)
    3. And While We Were Here (2012, IMDB rating 5.7, set in Italy)
    4. Mamma mia (2008, IMDB rating 6.3, set in Greece)
    5. When in Rome (2010, IMDB rating 5.5, set in Italy)
  • Get your photo albums out! I really enjoy making photo albums of my holidays and other big life events and browsing through them later on. To me, it’s just a relaxing activity, a way to be creative and also a perfect way to think back about previous holidays and experience them in your mind again! Also, I think it’s way more fun than just looking at the digital photo’s on your computer screen ;)
  • Work out! To compensate for a lack of Vitamin D, it’s good to work out and release some endorphins :) This summer, I will be cycling on my race bike a lot, but also have a squash subscription, so I can do unlimited squashing in July & August! If you’re not a big sports fan, it’s also nice to just go for a walk (however, this is of course less nice when it’s raining ;))
  • Try out some new recipes! I really love to eat mediterranean foods, with fresh vegetables and nice herbs. I can recommend you to try out some Greek recipes, cooking and smelling this might make you feel like you’re abroad in a sunny country!
  • My next tip – maybe not a great advice because it’s not that healthy – is: go to a solarium. Just spending a few minutes tanning, closing your eyes with some nice music on and dreaming about a holiday destination may take away some stress!  I personally find it quite relaxing and love the warmth on my skin, but I also understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea ;)
  • Finally, I can recommend you to go to a spa for a day. This is also the perfect way to relax and feel some nice warmth on your skin. Which can make you feel reborn! ;)

So, I hope you like these tips! Do you have any to recommend? Also, I’d love to hear what your summer plans are! In the meantime, I’ll be working and trying to follow these tips as much as possible ;) And I will be looking forward to my next holiday: Budapest, Hungary in August!



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