Getting to know myself: I am a visual thinker

Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed it a lot to dig a bit deeper into psychology and understanding how I and others around me function. A few months ago, I posted about a book I read, which was really helpful for me. Also, as you might have noticed. I’m quite observational, assessing how people communicate with each other, how behave in different situations (as an ambivert), and how I make decisions. This post, is quite related to my first post of how to deal with large amounts of information, where I indicated that everyone has different learning styles. I already thought I had quite a visual way of learning, but now I found an article on that being a ‘visual thinker’ is actually a thing. As opposed to many people being verbal thinkers. The video below explains what being a visual thinker entails.


I’m not saying I can be compared to the those great minds that are mentioned in the video (Not at all haha). But for me some signals were that I am a visual thinker are as follows:

  • When going to high school, there was an assignment in visualizing blocks in a shape and rebuilding it. I was the only person that day who was able to solve it
  • I was extremely good in the game “Memory” at a young age, which trains your visual memory
  • I can easily remember places I’ve visited, even if it was only for once, I can easily find my way. I don’t have to consciously try to remember those places to be able to find my way back later, it just goes naturally :) For example, I still remember exactly what campings looked like where I’ve been when I was younger, even know to locate a certain restaurant in a city I have only visited once.
  • When studying, I don’t always remember exactly what I’ve read, but I do remember on what place I read it (like some sort of a photographic memorY)  and therefore, I mostly do know the answer on exams about that subject, but can’t really explain the whole context well.
  • I visually see the days of the weeks and the months of the year in a shape. Weekdays in some kind of oval (counter clockwise order) and months of the year in some kind of rectangle (clockwise order). This may also be seen as synesthesia, where your senses mingle a bit.
  • I really enjoy decorating, I can envision what the room would look like in my mind, where the furniture would fit and what placement would be logical. I loved this with the game: The Sims, but also for organizing my own home. I’m also quite creative in other fields as well, like designing marketing materials (my work), drawing and playing music (which I did a lot when I was younger)
  • A bit paradoxical: but I’m quite unorganized in storing my stuff. My room may seem very messy to others, but for me its an organized chaos. I exactly know where to find what I need!
  • I’m extremely good in recognizing faces, even from years and years back, I don’t always know the name of that person, but I often do remember the place I’ve seen them.
  • When participating in a pubquiz, my intuition for answers to a question is often right, but I often have no idea how I know the answer and can’t really explain the reasoning behind it.

As you might hear from this, I really like being a visual thinker! It might sound a bit cocky even, but that’s not what I mean. In a world of a larger percentage of verbal thinkers, it also brings some trouble! I’ll give some examples of that too:

  • I’m awfully bad at presenting. It’s not that I don’t understand what I want to present. I just am mostly lost for words to explain things, but mostly do see it clearly in my mind. Therefore, I would never be suited to be a teacher or so, even though my parents both are ;)
  • I suck at reading out loud. When reading in my mind, it often goes quite smoothly, but I probably don’t read the words exactly as they are written but my imagination will run wild. However, when I have to read it out loud, I can’t process the words so well so I will stumble and stutter my way through it :P
  • I often forget difficult words, making my vocabulary quite limited. Not blaming that completely on being a visual thinker. But when I’ve heard a word quickly it’s a lot harder for me to remember then when having actually see it in a text, and taking time to understand it in the context. I just have to try a bit harder to enlarge my vocabulary ;) In general, it’s sometimes just hard for me to speak my mind, I’m not so eloquent.
  • People think I don’t have much general knowledge. Which is in some way true, as I cannot really tell stories or so about certain events in detail. But often, I do know quite a lot, but more subconsciously. That information is not always ready to use haha ;)


I just found out about visual and verbal thinking, and everything is clicking for me! Like the puzzle is solved now, I understand my way of functioning a bit better again. It’s not like that knowing this is a huge breakthrough in my life, but it can definitely help me out in some ways I think :) Can you relate as well or do you consider yourself more a verbal thinker? I’d love to hear your reactions!




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