Christmas tree decorating

Yay! It’s december, so time for a christmas decorations! This year, me and my roommate got our first real christmas tree! I’m very exciting about this (since I LOVE christmas), but it also can be quite costly. Luckily, I already have christmas lights in house, so the next step was shopping for decorations & of course, the tree itself!

Personally, I always love the tree of my parents: the colouring is in champagne, copper and ivory tones. And all christmas ornaments and decorations are unique and beautiful! Therefore, I wanted to go for a similar approach for our own christmas tree. However, it would be very costly to buy a whole tree full of unique christmas ornaments in one time. Therefore, I had to be careful, what to spend and where to buy it! So I decided to get a basic set first (5€ from the Action!), and expand this over the years. I did however, buy already two really beautiful pieces: One vintage christmas ornament and one cute clip-on bird from SissyBoy (A shop which I can really recommend for buying beautiful christmas ornaments and decorations!)

Last weekend, My roommate and me went to Intratuin, a place with a very rich assortment on christmas decorations. When you enter this gardening shop, it feels like you enter a christmas fairytale! It was a great experience and we were able to buy some beautiful ornaments and a peak for in the top of the christmas tree. And then the final and most important step: Buy the Christmas tree! We bought a beautiful Nordmann tree (some special type, which I forgot the name of ;)) at a local market in Utrecht! Bringing it back home was the funny part: two girls with a big tree walking through the Utrecht city centre (by lack of a car ;)). But we made it!

This week we were able to decorate it together and I’m super happy with the end result! <3 The smell of the tree in the house is great and it gives just such a warm atmosphere to the house. Now it’s just counting down days till Christmas!:)



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