Skipping Dairy from my diet for a better skin!

Over the years, i’ve struggled a lot with my skin, this is a very sensitive topic for me. Ever since high school I had problems with acne. Not severe, but my face always has been troublesome with little pimples. I’d like to share my experience of dealing with this and a solution I’ve recently discovered.

I’ve been to the doctor’s multiple times for treatments. I’ve had antibiotics and benzoylperoxide gel, but both treatments only helped for a short amount of time. I stopped using the pill as a method of anti conception, which had a positive effect, but now I’m 25 and it’s still not great. That’s when I thought, maybe the cause of it is some food  allergies. I’ve recently read an article that dairy could have a negative impact on your skin (and isn’t actually all that good for you anyway). Also, when I was younger I was allergic to cow’s milk, so it would make sense it still has some effect on me. So when I was young, I didn’t really consume much dairy products, but growing older, I started liking cheese more and ate more yoghurt.

1 big note before starting this: There is a difference between being lactose intolerant and having an food allergy for cow’s milk. People with lactose intolerance react in a lot stronger way to dairy products, but are able to eat some ‘lactofree’ products and very old cheese. As I don’t think I belong to this category, I decided to cut out products with milk completely and maybe later consider trying some of the lactose-free products.

Challenge & Results

So then the challenge started: 1 month of cutting dairy from my menu! I decided to start mid september and I am happy to say that I did it! It was actually pretty hard for me. These days, it’s actually really hard for me to eat without eating dairy products, there is processed milk in so many products from the supermarket! I did sometimes accidentally eat some dairy, sometimes it was processed in a product I didn’t know and found out later! I can say that cutting dairy really does give an unexpected effect and pretty good results for my skin, which I will share with you now:

Feeling more comfortable in my skin
Maybe it is a coincidence and maybe not, but I think that not eating dairy had a positive effect on my digestion. My stomach felt so much less bloated! Also, I lost some weight this month. I think the major reason for this was eating more consciously. As I constantly had to check packaging in supermarkets, I paid more attention to what I was eating. As a result, I cut on many processed foods and replaced them with healthy natural products and soy alternatives. It was a challenge to come up with tasty meals without dairy, but the internet was a good source of inspiration for recipes.

Less troubled skin
So, the aim for the experiment was to see if my skin would clear up when cutting on dairy. And I am very happy to say that it did! Still, it did not become perfect, my hormones still have a big influence on my skin over the course of a cycle and I have some issues with picking my skin:P. BUT I am still very happy with the results, after only 2-3 weeks it became already so much better: less blackheads and less bumpy and troubled, the pics are from that timeframe.



I was a little bit reluctant to share the results as it is a private topic for me (and the pics are ugly haha), but I will still do it. As I can really recommend you trying this if you have problems with your skin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able push through with cutting dairy the last few months, but as my skin got pretty bad again now, I’ll definitely will try to pick it up again!:) If you have any tips for me to further improve my skin, please let me know!




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