Photoblog: Colours of Havana, Cuba!

It’s been 2 years since visiting Cuba, what an amazing holiday that was! I’ve written a blog about this country of rum, salsa and cigars previously here: Tips for preparing a vacation to Cuba), with travel tips and recommendations for places to stay. However, I haven’t shared that many pictures of this trip, while Cuba is such a photogenic country! I’ve been loving photography for quite some time now, especially on my holidays. So I’d like to share my photo’s a bit more on my blog as well! With a recent holiday to Israel, I published my first photoblog: Photoblog: Tel Aviv Street Art and I thought – I might as well make it a recurrent blog theme and post more photoblogs! I always love seeing other people’s travel pictures, as it inspires me to exploring new destinations. Therefore, now I hope to inspire you to visit Cuba!


As you can see, the city does really have 2 sides – on the one hand, the beauty with all the colours and old-timer cars, but on the other side, there’s a lot of poverty as well. Life is happening on the streets and not in the houses, which are falling apart. It’s an interesting experience, visiting Cuba, with all it’s history and communism still so alive and kicking. It was definitely a culture shock at first when arriving, especially with all the car fumes and a cockroach in the room on the first night! But the next morning, all was good and I could already appreciate the beauty all around me. Havana was definitely a highlight on our trip, but I would really recommend you to travel around and visit places like Viñales and Trinidad as well – all extremely wonderful! You can check our complete itinerary in the post Tips for preparing a vacation to Cuba :)

Have you ever been to Cuba? What was your experience? I would love to return to Middle- or South-America soon, so I’d love to hear about your recommendations!

– Elles



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