Who the fuck is Elles?

There it is, my blog! I’ve been thinking about creating one a long time ago, but never got to actually start one. Since an ex-colleague of mine has a great blog of herself, she inspired me to start one as well. I’ve always loved being online, being active on social networks such as instagram and pinterest. And well, as a recently graduated Marketing student, creating things to inspire others is something I enjoy doing. Even though writing isn’t necessarily one of my stronger skills, I’d love to give it a try! With this blog, I’m mostly hoping get to know myself better and share my experiences. Also, I’d love to get to know other bloggers and exchange thoughts and experiences!

Even though I’m a dutchie, I decided to write in English. My studies were in English too and my literary skills are almost better in English than in Dutch (I’m always being made fun of me when I don’t know the meaning of certain Dutch words or sayings). And then there is the name of my blog: Who the fuck is Elles? Well that name wasn’t hard to think of, it’s a sentence I’ve heard millions of times in my life and which I’ve actually come to really like. For people who are still puzzled: it refers to a sentence people would sing during the song of Smokie – Living next door to Alice. Ofcourse ‘Elles in wonderland’ would also have been a nice option, however this domainname was already taken (Boohoo). So there it is, my blog: Who the fuck is Elles?

Maybe I should start by explaining who I actually am (even though my posts clearly indicate it). I’m Elles, I am a 26 year old girl living in the beautiful city of Utrecht. I studied Business and Marketing at the University of Groningen, currently I’m working in IT as a digital marketeer and I really love it! During my free time I love to play badminton, go bicycle racing through the country side, listen to my vinyl records, blog and travel lots. So by reading this blog, you can expect to find posts about all these topics ordered under the menu items on the left: Adventures, Thoughts & Interests :) I’d love to hear your reactions!