Utrecht Cityguide: My 7 Favourite Hotspot Restaurants

I’m currently living in Utrecht for almost 2 years, and over that time I’ve really enjoyed exploring the city, finding nice places to drink and eat. Especially for young people, there are plenty of places that not only serve food for reasonable prices, but have a great atmosphere and fun vibe, and of course have very tasty food! I thought it would be nice to share some of these places, in case you are visiting the city (which you definitely should!). I’m no culinary expert, so I wouldn’t state these are the absolute best restaurants there are, but these are sure my favourite hotspots (map included)!  Continue reading “Utrecht Cityguide: My 7 Favourite Hotspot Restaurants”


Skipping Dairy from my diet for a better skin!

Over the years, i’ve struggled a lot with my skin, this is a very sensitive topic for me. Ever since high school I had problems with acne. Not severe, but my face always has been troublesome with little pimples. I’d like to share my experience of dealing with this and a solution I’ve recently discovered. Continue reading “Skipping Dairy from my diet for a better skin!”

My Favourite Vinyl Records – Summer 2016

Over a year ago, I got my first record player as a graduation gift. I copied this hobby from my dad and loved it ever since! I often go searching for secondhand records at flea markets (as well as buying other stuff there) and going into record stores just to browse what albums they have. I personally own a Thorens TD166 MKII record player and I’m really happy with it. Even though I can connect Spotify to my speakers as well, I love buying records of artists I really like and I can definitely tell the difference in sound when having my record player on compared to having spotify on. It’s hard to describe but I feel like listening to vinyl records make the music sound so much more vibrant, with more depth and intonation or something compared to ‘digital’ music. I can really recommend anyone to get a good record player! :) Continue reading “My Favourite Vinyl Records – Summer 2016”

4 Tips for starting a new sport: Bicycle racing!

Spring is here, and so is my urge to be outside more often! I take every moment I can to enjoy the sun (as it’s still quite rare in the Netherlands) and preferably I take a walk through the city centre of Utrecht or through nature. However, now that I found my new hobby I really don’t want to spend time inside anymore! Over the past few years I’ve been using my dad’s bicycle (and mountain bike) for some exploration of the Dutch country side. However, as I was a poor student, I’ve never dared to get a road bike of my own. What if I wouldn’t use it so much? Then it would be a waste of money. Also, I already played badminton quite often, and I didn’t really have a safe place to store my bike. So I never really got to buy one of my own.

BUT NOW I DID!! :D Continue reading “4 Tips for starting a new sport: Bicycle racing!”