Thrift shopping: my personal tips & favourite vintage items!

Yep, I like thrift shopping. Am I a hipster? Not really. I just feel like there are very great things to buy second hand! My parents were always into antiques and went to flea markets, which I’ve never really understood: why buy other people’s old crap if you can buy new stuff?! However, over the years I found out that you can find amazing things at flea markets and via websites where people sell their second hand stuff :)

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Halloween Housewarming

It’s been already more than a week ago, but I’d like to tell you about my Halloween Housewarming I held with my housemate! Halloween is quite a new concept in the Netherlands and it’s getting more and more attention! I’m someone who get’s scared quite easily, so you might think it’s not the type of holiday for me. However, when I studied abroad in Ireland, I celebrated Halloween for the first time and I really loved it! I found it so much fun to see the town (Galway where I studied) being transformed into a spooky place with halloween decorations in stores and creepy dressed up people at the 31st.

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Happy new home, happy new life!

Yesss I’ve got a house!!! I won’t be homeless in a week! My friend Lisa and I will live together in an amazing apartment in Utrecht soon! It seems like it was all meant to be: we almost had a great house a month back, but that didn’t go through and now for this apartment, there were actually other renters but it didn’t work out.. so then we came in last – minute and got it! And it’s so much better than the first one ;) All the waiting has paid off. We were actually joking a lot about our horoscopes, which were saying good times were ahead. that we were able to get a stable life jobwise and all. Well the apartment is step 1! Yesterday evening we signed the contract :D And wow, this morning it was so weird cause the minute I opened facebook it showed: Elles, you and Lisa are facebook – friends for 4 years now! Like I said before: all meant to be haha ;)


Time to decorate!
A new house means one thing: time to decorate! Even before we signed the contract I was already drawing a map of the apartment and trying to think where I want to put what furniture. My friend already said: you should become an interior architect! Quite funny, cause that’s actually what I wanted to become when I was younger (because of playing the sims ofcourse;))! But now it’s really time to decorate, so I’ll share with you some tips and decoration ideas :) I’ll add some Pinterest pictures for inspiration! Continue reading “Happy new home, happy new life!”