What family means to me

Last weekend I had a family weekend in the area of Zeewolde. It’s a yearly event with all the brothers of my grandpa and their families, so you can imagine that was a really large group of people! Every time, we come together in the first weekend of June on a camping site and spend time together playing games, sporting, enjoying the sun and most importantly: BBQ time and campfire with songs and guitar in the evening!

This year, I decided to go by bicycle my first ‘long’ drive of about 50 kilometers! It went pretty well, the weather was amazing and I cycled together with my dad for the last bit of the ride. I had a backpack on with some clothing and shoes, so that added a small difficulty factor to the ride ;)  Follow me on Strava to see where I’m going!:) Continue reading “What family means to me”


4 Tips for starting a new sport: Bicycle racing!

Spring is here, and so is my urge to be outside more often! I take every moment I can to enjoy the sun (as it’s still quite rare in the Netherlands) and preferably I take a walk through the city centre of Utrecht or through nature. However, now that I found my new hobby I really don’t want to spend time inside anymore! Over the past few years I’ve been using my dad’s bicycle (and mountain bike) for some exploration of the Dutch country side. However, as I was a poor student, I’ve never dared to get a road bike of my own. What if I wouldn’t use it so much? Then it would be a waste of money. Also, I already played badminton quite often, and I didn’t really have a safe place to store my bike. So I never really got to buy one of my own.

BUT NOW I DID!! :D Continue reading “4 Tips for starting a new sport: Bicycle racing!”

Walking through the Dutch Countryside

With spring at our doorstep, temperatures rising and flowers starting to bloom, I’m getting super excited to get outside more! And what better way to spend your time outside is by getting into the nature! I’ve come to appreciate nature so much more over the past few years, when I was younger I never wanted to go into the woods, while now I really love it! I feel like it started when I was in Ireland, because it’s perfect to go hiking there (more on Ireland here). Luckily, there are many beautiful opportunities for walking in the Netherlands as well!

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