Christmas tree decorating

Yay! It’s december, so time for a christmas decorations! This year, me and my roommate got our first real christmas tree! I’m very exciting about this (since I LOVE christmas), but it also can be quite costly. Luckily, I already have christmas lights in house, so the next step was shopping for decorations & of course, the tree itself! Continue reading “Christmas tree decorating”


What family means to me

Last weekend I had a family weekend in the area of Zeewolde. It’s a yearly event with all the brothers of my grandpa and their families, so you can imagine that was a really large group of people! Every time, we come together in the first weekend of June on a camping site and spend time together playing games, sporting, enjoying the sun and most importantly: BBQ time and campfire with songs and guitar in the evening!

This year, I decided to go by bicycle my first ‘long’ drive of about 50 kilometers! It went pretty well, the weather was amazing and I cycled together with my dad for the last bit of the ride. I had a backpack on with some clothing and shoes, so that added a small difficulty factor to the ride ;)  Follow me on Strava to see where I’m going!:) Continue reading “What family means to me”

Thrift shopping: my personal tips & favourite vintage items!

Yep, I like thrift shopping. Am I a hipster? Not really. I just feel like there are very great things to buy second hand! My parents were always into antiques and went to flea markets, which I’ve never really understood: why buy other people’s old crap if you can buy new stuff?! However, over the years I found out that you can find amazing things at flea markets and via websites where people sell their second hand stuff :)

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How I try to make the right decision

I can struggle with decision-making, not because I can’t make up my mind, but I make up my mind quite quick and not always well thought through. For me this has two sides:

Situation 1:

Sometimes, I can convince myself so much of something that I should or shouldn’t do, that I’m really reluctant and stubborn to change my plan/perception. I then am completely convinced that my plan is the way to go and everyone should like it and agree with it. This may get quite annoying for people around me, and I’m aware of that. But I don’t mean it badly, it’s mostly just enthusiasm if I decide that I really want to do something. If I really don’t want to do something, it’s really hard for me to see the opposite perspective and change my mind to doing/trying it anyways.

Situation 2: Continue reading “How I try to make the right decision”

My 6 key insights on love & dating

Sooo.. Love. A topic that I’ve never written about yet, and was doubting if I should! I decided not to write anything about my personal love life, but do want to share some insights that I’ve gained over the past few years. A friend told me I should write about all the dates I had, well I won’t do that but I can share some insights I got as a result of my (mostly nice) dating experiences;). I’m not saying these insights are the key to success (definitely not, I’m no expert and love is complicated!), but they are just some things I’ve noticed and want to share with you and may help you for your dating life (with funny gifs yay!)

1. Know when to give it time and when not

I cannot scientifically support this, but I feel that guys can be completely into a girl and fall in love really fast, while most girls (me included) need some time to develop feelings for a guy. So… If you’re dating a guy for a while and you start to like him more and more, but you feel like the guy is not completely into you. He probably never will be, most guys are quite clear when they like a girl: they go for it! If its the other way around: A guy really likes you, but you’re still doubting a bit, give it some time! You may completely fall in love later on!


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