My Favourite Vinyl Records – Summer 2016

Over a year ago, I got my first record player as a graduation gift. I copied this hobby from my dad and loved it ever since! I often go searching for secondhand records at flea markets (as well as buying other stuff there) and going into record stores just to browse what albums they have. I personally own a Thorens TD166 MKII record player and I’m really happy with it. Even though I can connect Spotify to my speakers as well, I love buying records of artists I really like and I can definitely tell the difference in sound when having my record player on compared to having spotify on. It’s hard to describe but I feel like listening to vinyl records make the music sound so much more vibrant, with more depth and intonation or something compared to ‘digital’ music. I can really recommend anyone to get a good record player! :) Continue reading “My Favourite Vinyl Records – Summer 2016”


Review of Years & Years, album Communion: Vinyl Record & Concert

It’s already been a while ago since I visited their show, but as they have a new concert planned in the Netherlands next year, I’d like to share my thoughts on the British band Years & Years! I’ve been a fan of their music since the start, but I’ll be as objective as possible ;) I found them through youtube with the song Take Shelter and from there it started. Eager to find new songs of them, I discovered quite soon that they weren’t big yet, but in my opinion very promising! I love how different their music is, a bit mystique and futuristic with cool beats and very well written lyrics. And of course: Olly’s voice (lead singer) is amazingly beautiful! For me, Years & Years was an introduction to a new genre: Indie electronic.

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