Flesh and Bone, a Must-Watch Series!

Wow. What a series. Just finished Flesh and Bone and had to write a review about it! I’m quite a series lover, but haven’t started watching any new ones lately. None of the series I hear people talking about such as making a murderer, house of cards, game of thrones don’t really speak to me. However, I had seen some previews of this series and I’ve done ballet for about 12 years from when I was 3 years old. I really love watching ballet as well, the gracious movements, the wonderful music, the beautiful costumes, you can really drift away in a fairytale. Easy to say, I had to give this one a watch! Even though the ballet experience for me was really fun, playful and nice I had a sense that this series wasn’t going to be like that!  ;) Ofcourse the first thought was: probably something similar as Black Swan. A film which I quite liked but actually found a bit too scary and spooky (I’m such a crybaby I know ;)) But luckily this series wasn’t too scary, but still very dramatic. Let me first tell you what it is about (I’ll keep the spoilers to a bare minimum!)

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Review of Years & Years, album Communion: Vinyl Record & Concert

It’s already been a while ago since I visited their show, but as they have a new concert planned in the Netherlands next year, I’d like to share my thoughts on the British band Years & Years! I’ve been a fan of their music since the start, but I’ll be as objective as possible ;) I found them through youtube with the song Take Shelter and from there it started. Eager to find new songs of them, I discovered quite soon that they weren’t big yet, but in my opinion very promising! I love how different their music is, a bit mystique and futuristic with cool beats and very well written lyrics. And of course: Olly’s voice (lead singer) is amazingly beautiful! For me, Years & Years was an introduction to a new genre: Indie electronic.

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Traveling to Germany by bus: My Flixbus experience

Last weekend I went to visit a good friend of mine who lives in Germany, Darmstadt. I want to share my experience of this trip and the means of transportation. I’ve visited her before by car, but this time I wanted to take public transport. As train prices from Utrecht to Frankfurt where almost just as expensive as plane tickets, I decided to check out possibilities for a bus drive. As I didn’t mind about a few hours of traveling longer (6 hours by bus or 4 hours by train, it’s quite a long trip anyway), I decided to book bus tickets with Flixbus, which were very reasonably priced!

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