How I try to make the right decision

I can struggle with decision-making, not because I can’t make up my mind, but I make up my mind quite quick and not always well thought through. For me this has two sides:

Situation 1:

Sometimes, I can convince myself so much of something that I should or shouldn’t do, that I’m really reluctant and stubborn to change my plan/perception. I then am completely convinced that my plan is the way to go and everyone should like it and agree with it. This may get quite annoying for people around me, and I’m aware of that. But I don’t mean it badly, it’s mostly just enthusiasm if I decide that I really want to do something. If I really don’t want to do something, it’s really hard for me to see the opposite perspective and change my mind to doing/trying it anyways.

Situation 2: Continue reading “How I try to make the right decision”


How to deal with large amounts of information

Today I want to talk about dealing with high loads of information and how to process it (this post might contain a lot of info as well haha). A friend of mine asked me whether I had any studying tips and it got me thinking. Over the years I’ve had to process quite some information for my studies, which all came to me in different ways. However, most of the time, it was through books, articles and lectures. However at my current job, almost all information comes by just talking to persons, and I’m having quite a hard time processing this information. Sometimes when I ask for something and someone gives me a verbal and long explanation, I’m really having trouble to take it all in. It feels like my mind goes blank and I’m unable to react to it (also why I have trouble with participating in discussions and brainstorm sessions). When something like this happens, it makes me feel really stupid and I start questioning myself. I am just not that smart to be able to react in a quick way on what is being told? What’s wrong with me for feeling like my mind shuts off sometimes, am I in a sort of depression? The answer to those questions is NO, of course not! It’s just not my learning style.  Continue reading “How to deal with large amounts of information”

new job essentials

How to prepare for the first day at your new job

First of all, you can never be fully prepared ;) The idea to this post came to me because yes: I have found a job! A real one, I’m a real grown-up now!;) I started writing this post some days before my first day at this new job. Cause I was stressing out: What if I don’t like my colleagues? What if they expect too much of me? What if I can’t do anything? I really felt the urge to prepare so I would have a great first day and first week! I came up with the following list that you might find useful if you’re in a similar position as me. The moment I am finishing this post, my first week is already over and I can reflect right away on the points I made. Continue reading “How to prepare for the first day at your new job”